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Health & Clinical Services

Support that Extends from Behind the Scenes…
to the Front Line

DB’s Health and Clinical Services Division has supported government agencies’ efforts to minimize the human and economic loss from substance abuse, mental health disorders, and diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, cancer, diabetes, and tuberculosis. Our staff of experts provides insight and perspective, short-term and long-term strategies, and information that motivates and builds knowledge.

In every project, DB infuses deep subject-matter expertise with evidence-based practices. This ensures the studies, analysis, recommendations, programs, and materials we deliver accurately reflect current data trends and cutting-edge concepts. We work closely with each agency to provide behind-the-scenes support. This includes conducting research, evaluating and interpreting data, and developing reports that influence the scope and direction of health, mental health, and substance abuse policies and practices. DB is also on the front lines. Here, we design, implement, and manage prevention and treatment programs; ensure compliance with clinical protocols, standards, and processes; and conduct marketing, media, and advertising campaigns that motivate and inform. Furthermore, we manage regional, national, and international conferences and events that shape the views of researchers, policymakers, and healthcare leaders.

Specific areas of expertise provided by DB’s Health and Clinical Services Division include:

Program planning and development
Research and policy studies
Health communications and social marketing
Health informatics