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Some Kudos from Our Clients
I just wanted to mention how much I appreciated [DB Staff Member]’s efforts in ensuring we passed the Code D Security Audit In June. She not only led the effort, but went overboard in ensuring that all areas of the lab were considered, and then personally established a workable security plan that allows our lab to function at peak performance while protecting NASA and lab assets. I was told that of all the labs audited, our lab was the most responsive and prepared. High-performance employees, such as [DB Staff Member] and the rest of your team that I have had the pleasure of working with in the past, serve to enhance the reputation of your company and the PACE contract as a whole. I look forward to working with you all in the future.

Donald Van Drei
NASA Glenn Research Center


Thanks for the great teamwork and results on the ESAS C&A assessment this week. Yesterday, at the out brief, I heard words from the assessors to the effect, “exceptionally honest and open team,” “excellent logging/auditing…,” and “one of the best teams we have worked with.” I found myself smiling during the out brief!

Stephen Prahst
NASA Glenn Research Center


Link to:
NASA Glenn Research Center Letter of Recognition

It has been a pleasure to work with [DB Staff Member]. Ms. [NAME] is an excellent editor and has helped us to develop two reports that are now complete, the LGBT of Color Sampling Methodology and the Effects of Tobacco Policies on Low SES Women and Girls. She worked with us over the last six months or so to help: 1.) clarify language and meaning of sentences; 2.) carefully evaluate word and phrase choice; and 3.) eliminate unnecessary statements. She helped us to choose the best options for presenting the text so that the document flows well and is easily readable. She has been patient, is great at summarizing next steps, and works expeditiously to make corrections. We are proud of the products and are glad that DB Consulting hired her to assist with these efforts. We look forward to working with her on upcoming projects.

Pebbles Fagan, PhD, MPH
National Cancer Institute


“Excellent job of managing myriad of logistics, facility, and personnel responsibilities.”

“…a seamless relationship exists between DB and its subcontractors reflecting superb subcontractor management.”

“DB is to be commended for quickly responding to the Government’s last-minute requests for task plans.”

Richard J. Keegan
NASA Headquarters


“In recognition for providing excellent quality of services to NASA in support of its research and education programs.”

NASA Headquarters Civil Service/Contractor Team Award, 2007

“The NRESS IT Team helped NASA achieve successfully its OMB metric for posting of Funding Opportunity Application Packages in FY05 and FY06 to receive a rating of green on the Presidential Management Agenda score card.”

2006 NASA Headquarters Honor Award Citation