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Research & Policy Studies

Grounded in Research
DB is actively involved in the research driving many of the nation’s most prominent health and behavioral health initiatives. Skilled in community-based participatory research, DB designs studies, gathers and analyzes data using qualitative and quantitative methods, identifies gaps in services and resources, and evaluates program effectiveness. We extrapolate the most relevant data and incorporate them into comprehensive reports and recommendations for approaches, techniques, organizational structure, and clinical protocols. DB also examines and analyzes the economic, jurisprudential, and regulatory foundations of major policy decisions. Based on the results, DB’s research and evaluation team provides suggested alternatives. Variables within each of the alternatives, such as cost, net benefit, effectiveness, and political viability, are measured and compared, and recommendations presented to the client in a written report.

DB’s strengths in research and evaluation include:

  • Collection strategies, data analysis, and advanced methodologies
  • Customized survey and assessment instrument development
  • Interviews, focus groups, and on-site visits
  • Statistical analysis, interpretation, and objective reporting
  • Scientific research principles, evidence-based practices, and evaluation techniques

  • Program planning and development
    Health communications and social marketing
    Health informatics