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Conference & Meeting Logistics

Planning the Perfect Professional Event
DB has planned and organized more than 500 national and international meetings, conferences, seminars, and technical presentations for NASA, ED, DHS, HHS, and HUD that have been attended by more than 100,000 people. In fact, for NASA headquarters’ organizations and individual NASA centers alone, we have supported more than 100 meetings attended by 30,000 participants.

What does this mean to DB’s clients?

Our certified meeting professionals have the extensive experience that allows them to anticipate and prepare for unexpected challenges and respond decisively, if and when problems occur. We have translated this wealth of experience into standardized procedures and a variety of tools that ensure a quick, smooth phase-in to each project. We adapt these procedures and tools to specific client and cultural requirements, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. DB’s institutionalized “know how” provides clients with the solid reassurance that their meetings, conferences, attendees, and speakers are in capable and dependable hands and every aspect of the event has been considered and expertly orchestrated.

DB’s conference and meeting logistics support includes:

  • Agenda planning
  • Site selection and contract negotiation
  • Refreshment selection
  • Online registration and confirmation databases
  • Multi-media equipment attainment and technical support
  • Speaker recommendation
  • Travel coordination
  • Materials development
  • Attendee promotion and communication
  • Vendor management
  • Legal and financial management
  • On-site problem-solving
  • Conference wrapup, including dissemination of meeting proceedings, payment of all expenses and honoraria, and reconciliation of meeting invoices