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Training & Technical Assistance

Training for Future Success
From entry-level staff members to seasoned professionals, everyone benefits from training. Targeted, well-planned training not only helps new-to-the-workforce individuals increase their skill set so they can function effectively in their work assignments, it also enables workforce veterans to refresh and update their skills and learn and adopt best practices. DB’s curriculum designers and multilingual training specialists work closely with clients to design customized, culturally sensitive competency-building programs that meet professional development and credentialization standards. The curriculum we develop is tailored to the educational needs of an organization and the learning style of participants.

DB follows the recognized models for computer-based training and adult learning. We incorporate training aids and educational materials into all instructional programs. And we conduct evaluations to ensure training recipients acquire the knowledge and skills clients need to build and sustain a highly qualified workforce. Our blended learning approach includes instructor-led training, web-based courses, webcasts, video teleconferences, and self-guided and self-paced online classes.

DB also provides:

  • On-Site Training Programs. DB training specialists travel to client sites to conduct training sessions that use a problem-based learning approach, enabling participants to master content while gaining critical-thinking skills.
  • Interactive Distance-Learning Training Opportunities. DB provides interactive distance-learning training opportunities that enable our clients to offer training at anytime and anyplace.
  • From helping NASA project managers enhance operations, to developing cultural competency training for the staff of the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA), DB has demonstrated experience in creating instructional programs that address complex subject matter in a clear and understandable format.

    Helping Clients Achieve More
    Sometimes, it takes a little help to bring an organization to the next level. DB’s team of technical assistance coordinators provides expert guidance that help clients build greater capacity, attain funding, meet objectives, achieve accreditation, and surpass performance goals.

    For each technical assistance assignment, DB designates a dedicated team of coordinators who possess the necessary knowledge to address the client’s challenges. Working side by side with the client, these technical assistance coordinators observe and evaluate. Then, they devise a strategic plan that articulates the scope, delivery, and evaluation of the assistance. DB also conducts site visits to asses an organization’s strengths, areas for improvement, and next steps and puts its findings into a report.

    DB has provided technical assistance to a variety of government agencies. As an example, we conducted on-site visits and provided technical assistance remotely to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD’s) Neighborhood Networks Initiative, a nationwide network of approximately 1,700 technology centers. Through our advice, guidance, and mentoring, we helped center staff enhance center efficiency and sustainability, expand programming, and develop new partnerships and funding. As a result, residents of HUD-insured and -assisted housing communities were able to achieve greater self-sufficiency.