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Working at DB

Make Work Worth Your Time and Talent
If you begin your professional career at the age of 21, work 40 hours a week, take two weeks of vacation each year, and retire at the age of 67, you will work approximately 92,000 hours during your lifetime. That is a lot of time to log in the office, in meetings, on conference calls, and on the clock.

At DB, we know that one’s career and workplace play an important role in one’s life and happiness, and we work hard to make every working hour an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for DB team members. We do this by ensuring that every DB employee feels:

  • Welcome. DB recognizes the value of employing a diverse workforce. When seeking to expand our team, our goal is to bring on the most talented and qualified individuals, regardless of race, religion, national origin, disabled or veteran status, or other legally protected characteristics.
  • Valued. At DB, we believe every team member plays a vital role in our success. During the recruiting phase, our hiring specialists carefully consider the experience and skills of applicants and how they will contribute to our success. A DB employment offer letter signifies the value we place on an individual’s expertise and our belief that they can help us achieve greater success.
  • Challenged. Whether your area of specialty is information technology or health communications or training or a little bit of everything, DB’s projects challenge individuals to continually push themselves to find more innovative, cost-effective, and efficient ways to get the job done and better serve the client. And, because DB’s projects span a wide range of topics and issues, employees have plenty of opportunities to support other internal teams and expand their own professional skill set.
  • Compensated. DB is able to attract the best talent by offering a competitive pay and benefits package. While experience and expertise are valued and recognized, DB also seeks individuals who possess enthusiasm and a strong work ethic.
  • Enriched. To succeed and be competitive in today’s constantly changing world, DB recognizes that employees must have access to the latest technology and resources. To help our employees deliver the best products and services, DB invests time, training, and resources in its team members.