DB Consulting Group, Inc. Awarded $251.5 Million Information Technology and Multimedia Services (ITAMS) Contract for NASA Johnson Space Center

DB Consulting Group, Inc. (DB) announced today that NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, Texas awarded the company the Information Technology and Multimedia Services contract, commonly referred to as ITAMS. To perform the work, DB assembled a premier team that includes MEI Technologies; Wyle; Booz Allen Hamilton; and JESTech. DB and its partners will provide JSC with the highest quality products and services, including operation and maintenance of primary information technology services; graphics; library management; imagery acquisition, processing and cataloguing; television systems support for human spaceflight missions; public affairs services, including creative content for NASA Television, live mission television, multimedia, and the public Internet; and education program support. The services will be provided primarily under the management of Johnson’s Information Resources Directorate with participation by the Office of External Relations and commence January 18, 2011. The ITAMS contract is valued at $251.5 million if all options are exercised during its five-year life.

“The ITAMS contract is a significant win for DB, as it provides us with a great opportunity to expand our professional partnership with NASA that began in 2005,” said DB’s Chief Executive Officer, Gerald Boyd, Jr. “Currently, DB supports the efforts of NASA’s Glenn Research Center and Langley Research Center, and now with the ITAMS contract, DB will have the opportunity to apply our skills and expertise at another major NASA center. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with NASA and to delivering significant innovative operational results that support NASA JSC’s goals and objectives.”

Headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, DB is a small disadvantaged business with a proven track record of successfully providing information technology, engineering, and management consulting services. Employing about 300 full-time professionals, DB partners with government and commercial clients in the aerospace, defense, education, health, homeland security, housing, justice, and social programs arenas. DB’s core areas of expertise include: information technology and security; health and clinical services, including program planning and development, research and policy studies, health communications, social marketing, and health informatics; program management and support; peer review and grants management; research and evaluation; training and technical assistance; systems development and operations; communications support; and conference and meeting logistics.

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